Artist: La Dispute

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Format: CD
Genre: Rock & Pop
Released: 03/22/2019
UPC: 045778764426

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Artist: La Dispute
1. Rose Quartz
2. Fulton Street I
3. Fulton Street II
4. Rhodonite And Grief
5. Anxiety Panorama
6. In Northern
7. View From Our Bedroom Window
8. Footsteps At The Pond
9. There You Are (Hiding Place)
10. You Ascendant

More Info:

La Dispute is five close friends from the Upper Midwest with a firm passion for the concept of music and art as a medium for making new friends. As a result, La Dispute makes (or strives to make) music that is both artistically, technically, and emotionally engaging in hopes of establishing legitimate connections with any and all interested people, while encouraging dialogue between those people and themselves about things in life that truly matter and that truly last. La Dispute also carries a firm passion for the relevance of a live show, both for the bands involved and for the people in attendance, and will go to the grave believing that the environment created when strangers come together despite their differences to celebrate one important thing is invaluable and should not under any circumstances be taken for granted.