Artist: Telescopes

Out New
Format: Vinyl
Catalog: 4104
Genre: Rock/Pop
Released: 07/19/2011
UPC: 095081410411


By Chris

Comparisons to Jesus and Mary Chain, Spacemen 3, and Sonic Youth are common for the Telescopes, an English band formed in 1987 and currently active once again. With those contemporaries, it's no surprise that UK labels such as Cheree, Fierce, and Creation (home to My Bloody Valentine, Ride, and others) were involved in their proliferation. Here we have Bomp Records reissuing their debut LP, Taste, which certainly evokes the kind of heavy rocking those comparisons foresee. You'll be fooled by the introductory track and its pleasant acoustic swirl. It simply prefaces a full speed attack performed on their own guitars, and thereby the listener. However, despite the fast-paced sonic blast of cool, desolate attitude, the hooks are catching - particularly on the memorable "I Fall, She Screams." Melody Maker identifies their sound as "kaleidoscopic coils of wah-wah and a sleet of feedback" - spot on. Quite a unique group worthy of keeping in print!