Neon Brown [LP]

Neon Brown [LP]

Artist: Velvet Negroni

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Format: Vinyl
Label: 4AD / ADA
Genre: R and B/Soul
Released: 08/30/2019
UPC: 191400014916

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Neon Brown [LP]
Neon Brown [LP]

Artist: Velvet Negroni
1. One One
2. Wine Green
3. Kurt Kobain
4. Poster Child
5. Confetti
6. U.Dunno
7. Choir Boy
8. Scratchers
9. Nester
10. Feel Let
11. Ectodub

More Info:

Minneapolis-based experimental R&B vocalist and songwriter Velvet Negroni has announced his forthcoming 4AD debut album NEON BROWN out August 30th. Velvet Negroni is the alter-ego of creative polymath Jeremy Nutzman. Raised in an outer suburb of the Twin Cities, Jeremy - a black kid adopted into a white evangelical Christian family - split his formative years between classical piano lessons and late night jam sessions. A duality that permeates every corner of his music, with forthcoming album NEON BROWN thriving in the borderlands between indie rock and R&B. Since touring with close friend Bon Iver, Nutzman notched writing credits for Kanye West and Kid Cudi ahead of his debut single releases on NYC label b4 in 2018. Now, alongside prolific co-producers Psymun (Young Thug, Juice WLRD, The Weeknd) and Tickle Torture, Nutzman’s new releases transcend the borders between his often polarised influences, bringing R&B slow jams and nods to hometown hero Prince with guitar licks and full band energy. “Lush in its atmosphere but brutally cold in its delivery, “CONFETTI” is a warped invitation into the gorgeous contradictions of Velvet Negroni.” - FADER