Eternal [Vinyl]

Eternal [Vinyl]

Artist: Stratovarius

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MP3 Album: $9.99
Format: Vinyl
Genre: Rock/Pop
Released: 09/18/2015
UPC: 4029759105589

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Eternal [Vinyl]
Eternal [Vinyl]

Artist: Stratovarius
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1. My Eternal Dream
2. Shine In The Dark
3. Rise Above It
4. Lost Without A Trace
5. Feeding The Fire
6. In My Line Of Work
7. Man In The Mirror
8. Few Are Those
9. Fire In Your Eyes
10. The Lost Saga

More Info:

The Finnish (and in part Swedish) band is universally known for having re-defined the genre by combining the tradition of classic & symphonic metal, with influences of bands like Rainbow and early Helloween. Stratovarius brought it to the extreme with a fast, distinctive sound, that has influenced hundreds of bands in all these years of their career.


Led by Timo Kotipelto (vocals) and Jens Johansson (keyboards), those two are one of the key ingredients of all the big STRATOVARIUS albums in the last 31 years. STRATOVARIUS has survived a publicly debated acrimonious split. Four albums later with a superior line up, STRATOVARIUS are one of the most influential Metal bands in the world and stronger than ever.

The eagerly-awaited new album by STRATOVARIUS is a granitic piece of work in their best traditional way.
If the previous studio work Nemesis was occasionally flirting with pop choruses and experimental sounds, Eternal is a long ride through the purest symphonic speed metal. Its the fourth album for the extraordinary Matias Kupiainen as producer, song-writer and guitar player, who is now an established force of nature for the band. Eternal is an album with ten songs, which are a real statement of intent .

The reason for the brilliancy of this album is the virtuoso contrast of Jens Johansson s unpredictable keyboard solos (possibly one of the best
keyboard players in the history of metal music) and Matias' solos to enlight the melodic vocals of Timo Kotipelto. This carriage and pair has to
be second to no one in metal.

Eternal is the fourth studio album by the Finnish symphonic metal originators for the earMUSIC label. Kotipelto and Johansson proudly carry the torch of the glorious STRATOVARIUS tradition, but now, many fans of the band consider the current line-up as "classic STRATOVARIUS . The new album Eternal has been the longest album in the making for the band. A masterpiece of majestic virtuoso metal: epic, fast and powerful. 100% metal, as if STRATOVARIUS wanted to demand their undisputed leadership in this genre.