Dump Truck Vol.7 [Limited Edition LP]

Dump Truck Vol.7 [Limited Edition LP]

Artist: Tha God Fahim

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Format: Vinyl
Label: HHV.DE
Genre: Rap/HipHop
Released: 02/07/2020
UPC: 4260116729820


1. Greater Mine (Prod By. the Architect)
2. Tryna Make a Move (Prod By. the Historian)
3. Gem Talk (Prod By. Guru Griff)
4. Location State of Mind (Prod By. Earl Sweatshirt)
5. Money Making (Prod By. Thrasherwulf)
6. Ozaii's Revenge (Prod By. JLVSN)
7. Drums N Sax Ft. Kungg Fuu (Prod By. Tha God Fahim)
8. Cloud Sonics Ft. Pikarah (Prod By. Tha God Fahim)

More Info:

Strongly limited edition of 300 copies of Tha God Fahim's "Dump Truck 7" with productions by Earl Sweatshirt, The Architect, JLVSN, The Historian, Guru Griff and more. Fire!