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D.E.7th/Information [Import]
Artist: Dave Edmunds
Format: CD
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Formats and Editions


1. From Small Things (Big Things One Day Come)
2. Me and the Boys
3. Bail You Out
4. Generation Rumble
5. Other Guys Girls
6. Warmed Over Kisses (Left Over Love)
7. Deep in the Heart of Texas
8. Louisiana Man
9. Paula Meet Jeanne
10. One More Night
11. Dear Dad
12. Slipping Away
13. Don't You Double Cross Me
14. I Want You Bad
15. Wait
16. Watch on My Wrist, The
17. Shape I'm In, The
18. Information
19. Feel So Right
20. What Have I Got to Do to Win?
21. Don't Call Me Tonight
22. Have a Heart

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