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Format: CD
Label: IMT
Rel. Date: 07/08/2014
UPC: 5050580615458

There Were Seven-Remixes
Artist: Herbaliser
Format: CD
New: Not currently available

Formats and Editions


1. The Return of the Seven (Gigabeatz Bonson Remix)
2. The Lost Boy (Colman Brothers Remix) [Feat. Hannah Clive]
3. Welcome to Extravagance (No Sleep Nigel's Dub)
4. Mother Dove (2Econd Class Citizen Remix)
5. Zero Hill (Soundsci Remix) [Feat. Twin Peaks]
6. Take 'Em on (T Power Remix) [Feat. Zoe Theodorou]
7. Crimes ; Misdemeanours (Gigabeatz Bonson Remix) [Feat. Twin Peaks]
8. A Sad State of Affairs (Jenome Remix)[Feat. George the Poet]
9. What You Asked for (Muneshine Remix) 1
10. March of the Dead Things (Krilla Remix) [Feat. Teenburger ; Soulstice] 1
11. The Lost Boy (Gigabeatz Bonson Remix) [Feat. Hannah Clive] 1
12. Crimes ; Misdemeanours (Lopez Remix) [Feat. Twin Peaks] 1
13. March of the Dead Things (Hugo Kant Remix) [Feat. Teenburger] 1
14. The Lost Boy (The Legendary Danny K Remix) [Feat. Hannah Clive] 1
15. March of the Dead Things (Renegade Brass Band Remix)[Feat. Teenburger]

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