Stonebone (Colv) (Red) (Rex) RSD 2020

Stonebone (Colv) (Red) (Rex) RSD 2020

Artist: J Johnson J / Winding,Kai

Not currently available
Format: Vinyl
Label: VERVE
Genre: Blues & Jazz
Released: 06/20/2020
UPC: 602508668876

More Info:

1970ís J&K: Stonebone, by trombonists J.J. Johnson and Kai Winding, is the rarest of all A&M/CTI projects. The album has not been made available since its initial release in Japan. Not accessible on streaming platforms and long sought after by collectors, an original edition of this LP can sell for upwards of one thousand dollars. In addition to the two leaders, it features an all-star group, including George Benson, Herbie Hancock, Bob James, George Benson, Ron Carter and Grady Tate. Pressed on red vinyl.

SIDE A 1. Dontcha Hear Me Callin' To Ya? 2. Musings
SIDE B 1. Mojo 2. Recollections