Ain't Always Easy

Ain't Always Easy

Artist: Stone Broken

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Format: CD
Genre: Rock & Pop
Released: 04/13/2018
UPC: 602567121565

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Ain't Always Easy CD
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1. Worth Fighting For
2. Let Me See It All
3. Heartbeat Away
4. Home
5. Follow Me
6. I Believe
7. Doesn't Matter
8. Anyone
9. Just A Memory
10. Other Side Of Me
11. The Only Thing I Need

More Info:

There's an unwavering conviction running through Stone Broken's Spinefarm Records debut, Ain't Always Easy; grabbing control of one's own destiny, seizing precious moments and living your very best life.
The band entered Long Wave Recording Studios in Cardiff to work with producer Romesh Dodangoda (Motorhead, Bring Me The Horizon) on their 2nd album. The 11 track Ain't Always Easy, is proof that the Walsall quartet are ready to stand toe-to-toe with the biggest names in the hard rock scene.