The Best Of [Deluxe]

The Best Of [Deluxe]

Artist: Elbow

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Format: CD
Label: UME
Released: 01/12/2018
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The Best Of [Deluxe]
The Best Of [Deluxe]

Artist: Elbow
1. Golden Slumbers
2. Grounds For Divorce
3. Magnificent (She Says)
4. Lippy Kids
5. One Day Like This
6. The Bones Of You
7. My Sad Captains
8. Leaders Of The Free World
9. Mirrorball
10. Fugitive Motel
11. New York Morning
12. Great Expectations
13. The Birds
14. Scattered Black And Whites
15. Any Day Now
16. Fly Boy Blue / Lunette
17. Weather To Fly
18. Station Approach
19. Switching Off
20. Little Fictions
21. This Blue World
22. Kindling (Fickle Flame)
23. Newborn
24. Puncture Repair
25. The Night Will Always Win
26. Starlings
27. The Loneliness Of A Tower Crane Driver
28. Dear Friends

More Info:

‘The Best Of’ – curated by elbow and packed with memories from a career spanning over 20 years. The album features elbow’s cover of ‘Golden Slumbers’ as a bonus track. The deluxe edition features a second disc of additional album tracks.