Thinking in Textures

Thinking in Textures

Artist: Chet Faker

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Format: Vinyl
Genre: Blues/Jazz
Released: 04/21/2018
UPC: 602567385776

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Thinking in Textures Vinyl
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More Info:

The award winning 2012 debut release from Australian singer/songwriter Nick Murphy, issued under his stage name Chet Faker.  Featuring the ethereal downtempo take of “No Diggity,” this special edition of Thinking in Textures is pressed on smoke swirled clear vinyl housed in an embossed ‘texturized’ jacket.

Side A: (1) "I’m Into You", (2) "Terms And Conditions", (3) "No Diggity"
Side B: (1) "Love And Feeling", (2) "Cigarettes And Chocolate", (3) "Solo Sunrise", (4) "Everything I Wanted"