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Format: Vinyl
Label: Side One Dummy
Catalog: SD71389
Rel. Date: 07/21/2009
UPC: 603967138917

Fluent in Stroll
Artist: Big D and The Kids Table
Format: Vinyl
New: Available to Order $29.98

Formats and Editions


1. Doped Up Dollies On a One Way Ticket To Blood
2. Describing the Sky
3. Not Fucking Around
4. Kiss a Week, A
5. Been Wishing On
6. Fluent In Stroll
7. Down Around Here
8. Chin Up, Boy!
9. Where Did All the Women Go?
10. Known To Be Blue
11. I,I,I,
12. Stop, Look & Listen (Shake Life Up)
13. My Thoughts Take Me Away
14. We Can Live Anywhere!

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