Saturn Return [LP]

Saturn Return [LP]

Artist: The Secret Sisters

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Format: Vinyl
Genre: Rock/Pop
Released: 02/28/2020
UPC: 607396536610

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Saturn Return [LP]
Saturn Return [LP]

Artist: The Secret Sisters
1. Silver
2. Late Bloomer
3. Cabin
4. Hand Over My Heart
5. Fair
6. Tin Can Angel
7. Nowhere, Baby
8. Hold You Dear
9. Water Witch
10. Healer in the Sky

More Info:

As we age, we face obstacles that are beyond our control. Some forces are internal: insecurity, anxiety, fear. Some are external: the loss of loved ones, an unjust system and the fragility of time. Yet the mark of maturity is how you respond when you realize you’re not in control. Where do you find your resilience? 

This album is a reflection of us coming to terms with how to find our power in the face of an unfair world. These songs lead listeners past “where happy man searches, to a place only mad women know.” We question our purpose, our relationships, our faith. Trading the fears of our youth for the dread that rages within us as mature women.

With SATURN RETURN, our hope is that women can feel less alone in their journey through the modern world. We need each other more than we ever have; the less competition and the more inclusiveness and understanding, the better. We are southern women in the 21st century, convicted by our beliefs.