Halfway Home By Morning

Halfway Home By Morning

Artist: Matt Andersen

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Format: CD
Released: 03/22/2019
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Halfway Home By Morning
Halfway Home By Morning

Artist: Matt Andersen
1. What Would Your Mama Say
2. Free Man
3. Something to Lose
4. The Bed I Made
5. Give Me Some Light
6. Better Than You Want
7. Gasoline
8. Over Me
9. Help Yours Elf
10. Long Rider
11. Take Me Back
12. Been My Last
13. Quarter on the Ground (A Song for Uncle Joe)

More Info:

2019 release. Unbridled joy springs eternal from Halfway Home by Morning. Recorded live off the floor in Nashville, Tennessee, celebrated songwriter Matt Andersen's tenth album collects all the essential elements for a down-home ramble and shoots them through with enough electrifying energy to drive the rock 'n' roll faithful to simmer, shimmy, and shake. Over it's lucky 13 tracks, he explores every facet of his sound-sweat-soaked soul, incendiary rhythm and blues, heartbroken folk, and gritty Americana-and binds them together with palpable heart, as the band leaves everything they've got on the sweet old hardwood of the Southern Ground studio, in the same spot that legends like Neil Young, Emmylou Harris, and Jerry Lee Lewis turned up the volume 'til it couldn't go up anymore. Halfway Home by Morning is the sound of an artist doing what he was born to do.