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Format: CD
Label: Velvel
Catalog: 79809
Rel. Date: 09/21/2004
UPC: 634677980961

Preservation Act 2
Artist: The Kinks
Format: CD
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1. Announcement
2. Introduction To Solution
3. When A Solution Comes
4. Money Talks
5. Announcement
6. Shepherds Of The Nation
7. Scum Of The Earth
8. Second-Hand Car Spiv
9. He's Evil
10. Mirror Of Love
11. Announcement
12. Nobody Gives
13. Oh Where Oh Where Is Love?
14. Flash's Dream (The Final Elbow)
15. Flash's Confession
16. Nothing Lasts Forever
17. Announcement
18. Artificial Man
19. Scrapheap City
20. Announcement
21. Salvation Road
22. Mirror Of Love
23. Slum Kids (Take 1)


''Preservation Act 2'' is a 1974 concept album by British rock band The Kinks. It was not well-received by critics and sold poorly (peaking on the ''Billboard'' 200 at #114), though the live performances of the material were much better received. Many hardcore Kinks fans were alienated by Ray Davies' melodramatic songwriting during the Preservation project era, resulting in albums that played more like the soundtracks to a piece of musical theatre than rock albums. The CD reissue of ''Act 2'' featured the outtake "Slum Kids", a popular live piece for The Kinks. - Wikipedia

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