In the Music *

In the Music *

Artist: Trash Can Sinatras

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Format: CD
Catalog: 8766
Genre: Rock/Pop
Released: 12/31/2025
UPC: 649241876601

In the Music *
In the Music *

Artist: Trash Can Sinatras
1. People
2. Easy On the Eye
3. In the Music
4. I Hung My Harp Upon the Willows
5. Prisons
6. Should I Pray
7. Morning Star
8. Oranges and Apples
9. Engine, The
10. I Wish You'd Meet Her

More Info:

In the five years since we last heard a full album from Trashcan Sinatras, things have been looking up. "It's five years since Weightlifting came out, we toured it for two years, then we started coming back down to earth. Mostly, we've been just writing and playing," says vocalistand rhythm guitarist John Douglas. The band has discovered that they're not for the treadmill approach, or being tied to a label and a deal that demands an album every two years. "The idea to record in New York came up, and it was brilliant. We love that town," says Douglas. "The first time we went there we played CBGBs and it was fantastic." Someone must have been smiling on In the Music. As an added, and somewhat unexpected sparkle, the band bagged 70s singer-songwriting legend Carly Simon to sing on Should I Pray. "It was sheer chance," says Douglas. "Producer Andy Chase's parents live up in Martha's Vineyard and we went up there when we'd finished in New York just to record a few more tracks. Carly lives there, James Taylor has a place there too- it's a kind of musical hippy vibe. Andy mentioned that he knew her and I said, I love Carly Simon, for me she's just amazing, an incredible songwriter with such a beautiful, distinctive voice, an icon." "When we play music together, it just seems special," admits John Douglas. "None of us can leave this behind us for any period of time. With this album we gave ourselves space to be creative, and to have faith in what we were doing- and it's totally satisfying."