Welcome To The Welcome Wagon [LP]

Welcome To The Welcome Wagon [LP]

Artist: The Welcome Wagon

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Format: Vinyl
Catalog: 56045
Genre: Rock/Pop
Released: 01/20/2009
UPC: 656605604510

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Welcome To The Welcome Wagon [LP] Vinyl
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1. Up On A Mountain
2. Sold! To The Nice Rich Man
3. Unless The Lord The House Shall Build
4. He Never SAid A Mumblin' Word
5. Hail To tHe Lord's Anointed
6. But For You Who Fear My Name
7. American Legion
8. You Made My Day
9. Half A Person
10. Jesus
11. I Am A Stranger
12. Deep Were His Wounds, And Red

More Info:

This debut unveils a ramshackle sing-along enterprise of a Presbyterian pastor and his wife who wrestle out the influences of folk music, religion, pop culture, and church tradition in a collection of soulful and good-humored songs. It consolidates "sacred" song traditions (old Testament psalms, 17th century Presbyterian psalters), iconoclastic '60s pop innovators (The Velvet Underground), '70s charismatic Catholics (Lenny Smith), and '80s melancholy lovelorn pop (The Smiths). Recorded, produced, and arranged by Sufjan Stevens.