A People's History Of Gauche [LP]

A People's History Of Gauche [LP]

Artist: Gauche

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Format: Vinyl
Genre: Rock/Pop
Released: 07/12/2019
UPC: 673855068312

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A People's History Of Gauche [LP] Vinyl
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1. Flash
2. Cycles
3. Pay Day
4. Surveilled Society
5. Copper Woman
6. Running
7. Boom Hazard
8. Dirty Jacket
9. History
10. Rent (V.)
11. Rectangle

More Info:

Washington, DC's Gauche present A People's History of Gauche, a collective catharsis of anger, frustration, and trauma through creativity. Jason P Barnett, Adrienne CN Berry, Mary Jane Regalado, Pearie Sol, and Daniele Yandel find their agency and joy through creating and performing music together in 36 minutes of groove-filled power punk. Gauche bring us music and movement and struggle and light, and now it is our job to dance!