The Walk [LP]

The Walk [LP]

Artist: Bonnie Bishop

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Format: Vinyl
Label: PLAN BB
Genre: Folk
Released: 10/04/2019
UPC: 682157999224

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Produced by Steve Jordan (Grammy Award winning producer, Robert Cray's Take Your Shoes Off; album producer credits: John Mayer, Continuum; Box Scaggs, Memphis; John Scofield, That's What I Say; Herbie Hancock, Possibilities) Listening to the 7 songs sequentially reveals Bonnie's personal life journey: Track 1: Love Revolution - having a PURPOSE greater than ourselves Track 2: Keep On Movin - resilience is the ACTION of continuing to move forward Track 3: The Walk - the struggle with DOUBT Track 4: Every Happiness Under The Sun - the power of GRATITUDE to shift your experience Track 5: I Don t Like To Be Alone - the fear of VULNERABILITY Track 6: Woman At The Well - overcoming SHAME from the past Track 7: Song Don t Fail Me Now - the ability of MUSIC to heal the spirit Bonnie co-wrote six of the songs and wrote "I Don't Like To Be Alone." "This soundtrack is dedicated to all who wander. May it help you on the walk to wherever you are going." Bonnie Bishop