Slingin' Rhythm

Slingin' Rhythm

Artist: Wayne Hancock

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Format: CD
Genre: Rock/Pop
Released: 10/28/2016
UPC: 744302024929

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1. Slingin' Rhythm
2. Dirty House Blues
3. Killed Them Both
4. Wear Out Your Welcome
5. Two String Boogie
6. Over Easy
7. Small Bouquet Of Roses
8. Divorce Me C.O.D.
9. Dog Day Blues
10. Love You Always
11. Thy Burdens Are Greater Than Mine
12. Slingin' Rhythm Intro

More Info:

A Wayne 'The Train' Hancock album is as refreshing as a beer pulled from a tub of ice on a hot summer's day; dang if it ain't always a kick how surprisingly JUST RIGHT it is. Slingin' Rhythm is just right, a finely honed brand of juke joint rhythm sitting in the sweet spot of American music invention between country, hillbilly, jazz, and Western swing. And while Wayne is indeed a throwback, the funny thing is, the more retro he gets, the fresher he sounds. His songs about the everyday and the everyman, with their driving rhythm and live-in-the-moment vibe, have a character and passion that go beyond a particular time. With its emphasis on organic interplay and extended soloing, Wayne and his band drive the center line between tight and loose. Like a latter day Bob Wills, spontaneously calling out encouragement, or Hank Sr. and Ernest Tubb effortlessly knocking out smile (and dance)-through-the-pain honkytonk, Wayne Hancock delivers an unvarnished, BS-free restorative.