Boy In A Well

Boy In A Well

Artist: The Yawpers

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Format: CD
Released: 08/18/2017
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Boy In A Well
Boy In A Well

Artist: The Yawpers
1. Armistice Day
2. A Decision is Made
3. A Visitor is Welcomed
4. Room with a View
5. Mon Dieu
6. The Awe and the Anguish
7. Mon Nom
8. Face to Face to Face
9. No Going Back
10. God's Mercy
11. Linen for the Orphan
12. Reunion

More Info:

2017 release. The Yawpers third album, Boy in a Well, sounds like Alan Lomax using his field recorder to capture Mance Lipscomb ripping a laced joint with the Cramps and strapping on their instruments to let it fly. It's a complex concept album - manically conceived, historically situated, emotionally underscored and set in a plot-driven fictive universe. It's demented, unpredictable, taboo, ambitious, and yet distinctively cohesive. The Yawpers are a rock 'n' roll trio from Denver, Colorado. Their name is derived from a Walt Whitman poem, entitled "Song of Myself": "I sound my barbaric yawp over the roofs of the world." The Yawpers play in a unique setting of two acoustic guitar players and drummer, yet their music is played with "raucous glee comparable to seeing a metal band".