Don't Talk About It [LP]

Don't Talk About It [LP]

Artist: Ruby Boots

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Format: Vinyl
Genre: Country
Released: 02/09/2018
UPC: 744302026114

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Don't Talk About It' charts this drifter's odyssey, tattered passport in hand. Behind her commanding and versatile voice, sharp guitar playing, and adept songwriting, Ruby Boots confidently maneuvers past the whirlwinds life has tossed on her occasionally lost highway. It's an album of hope, breakthrough, and handling the unknown challenges around the next bend. Echoes of first wave UK power pop and jangly punk intersect with the every (wo)man indie and pop-inflected muscle of Best Coast. Classic rock touchstones from T. Rex to the girl-group-wall-of-sound to personal hero Tom Petty meld with a weary poet's eye recalling Hope Sandoval.