Smoke Ring For My Halo

Smoke Ring For My Halo

Artist: Kurt Vile

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Format: CD
Catalog: 0010938
Genre: Rock/Pop
Released: 03/08/2011
UPC: 744861093824

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Smoke Ring For My Halo
Smoke Ring For My Halo

Artist: Kurt Vile
1. Baby's Arms
2. Jesus Fever
3. Puppet To The Man
4. On Tour
5. Society Is My Friend
6. Runner Ups
7. In My Time (Album Version)
8. Peeping Tomboy
9. Smoke Ring For My Halo
10. Ghost Town
11. (shell blues)

More Info:

Philadelphia singer/songwriter Kurt Vile returns with his second proper album (2008's Childish Prodigy was a compendium of sorts). Smoke Ring For My Halo is a gorgeously layered record.


By Troy

Kurt Vile is hands down one of the greatest songwriters of this generation. If you think I’m jumping the gun on this, read this in 20 years and you’ll agree. Mr. Vile is a non-linear writer very rarely doing the traditional verse/chorus/verse type of song structure. Somehow he can mix sweet ballads with rock and roll swagger and make it all seem cohesive and effortless. He's got plenty of attitude and sarcasm as well as a heart that is deeply rooted in the past. Oh, and the future, just see for yourself.