Are You Alone?

Are You Alone?

Artist: Majical Cloudz

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Format: CD
Genre: Rock/Pop
Released: 10/16/2015
UPC: 744861107422

Are You Alone?
Are You Alone?

Artist: Majical Cloudz
1. Disappeared
2. Control
3. Are You Alone?
4. So Blue
5. Heavy
6. Silver Car Crash
7. Change
8. If You're Lonely
9. Downtown
10. Easier Said Than Done
11. Game Show
12. Call On Me

More Info:

Are You Alone? is the follow up to Majical Cloudz’ Impersonator; a heart-on-white sleeve statement of intent that brought Devon Welsh and Matthew Otto from the Montreal underground onto arena stages, critics’ year end lists and the hearts and minds of thousands. After the journey they’ve returned with Are You Alone?


Armed with little more than the recording equipment used on Impersonator, Majical Cloudz enlisted friends and family (including Owen Pallet) for only the subtlest of studio embellishment. The record, however, immediately sounds bigger, at once more intense and more immediate - Welsh’s voice has evolved from baritone proclamation to a sweeter, almost yearning, croon. It’s quickly apparent that the ‘you’ in the album’s title and many of its lyrics are meant to address everyone with whom we share love & friendship, sorrow & laughter. The answer to “Are You Alone?” is also resolved throughout. Since this is a sales one-sheet, we’re going to tell you to listen to find out more, but we think you might already know the answer.