Down/She's Not Your Thing [Vinyl Single]

Down/She's Not Your Thing [Vinyl Single]

Artist: Buffalo Tom

Not currently available
Format: 7" Vinyl
Label: Q-DEE
Catalog: 1050
Genre: Rock & Pop
Released: 07/12/2011
UPC: 746834105015

More Info:

"Season Two" of the Rock and Soul Series begins with seminal Boston rock trio Buffalo Tom. We caught them wandering the halls of Q division and told them if they wanted to use the bathroom they had to let us put out a Q-dee single. Fans of the band's earlier "I'm Allowed", "Taillights Fade", "Soda Jerk", "Tree House", will love a fresh piece of vinyl to wear down with multiple plays. For those just discovering them, let me just tell you that they are Jon Stewart's favorite band*.

The 45 is a premium direct metal master (dark blue!) vinyl disk and includes a beautiful toploading cardboard jacket. Recorded at Q division as part of their lastest release: "Skins", each disk of 500 is individually numbered.