Becoming Peter Ivers

Becoming Peter Ivers

Artist: Peter Ivers

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Format: CD
Genre: Rock/Pop
Released: 11/08/2019
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Becoming Peter Ivers
Becoming Peter Ivers

Artist: Peter Ivers
1. Take Your Chances with Me
2. Eighteen and Dreaming
3. Love Is a Jungle
4. Conference Call at Four
5. Peter
6. Even Stephen Foster
7. I'm Sorry Alice
8. Deborah
9. Miraculous Weekend
10. Holding the Cobra
11. Audience of One
12. Alpha Centauri
13. I've Seen Your Face
14. My Grandmother's Funeral
15. In Heaven
16. My Desire
17. The Night You Didn't Come
18. Untitled
19. Love in Flight (Piano Overture)
20. Ain't That a Kick
21. Jamaica Moon
22. Happy on the Grill
23. Window Washer (W/ Van Dyke Parks)
24. You Used to Be Stevie Wonder
25. Nirvana Cuba Waltz

More Info:

Demos are often better than records. More energy, more soul, more guts. Peter Ivers / Becoming Peter Ivers tells the story of the late Peter Ivers, a virtuosic songwriter and musician whose antics bridged not just 60s counterculture and New Wave music but also film, theater, and music television. Collected from a trove of previously unheard demos, studio sessions, and rehearsal recordings written and recorded in Los Angeles in the mid-to-late 70s, Becoming Peter Ivers pulls back the curtains on this mischievous master of ceremonies whose exploration of the outer limits of music, and of life, came to a tragic end in 1983. Mastered by Bob Weston, the CD includes a 24-page booklet with expansive liner notes and unseen ephemera.