Shunned Country

Artist: Bob Drake

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Format: CD
Label: RER USA
Catalog: 50206
Genre: Rock/Pop
Released: 06/21/2005
UPC: 752725020626


1. Shunned Country: An Introduction, The
2. Something Was Wrong Down There at the Gravyard
3. Just Ask Mr. Smith
4. Toolshed
5. Bad Reputation
6. Hand of Saint Anne
7. Megalith of Forgotten Purpose, The
8. Rot of the Stars
9. Tunnels, The
10. Nobody Knows What to Do
11. House by the Swamp
12. By Then It Was Much Too Late
13. Ash Tree-First Movement
14. Ash Tree-Second Movement
15. Certain Slab, A
16. Profound Musings
17. Flopper, The
18. Puppy
19. They All Told Him Not to Plow That Certain Field
20. Another Abandoned Farmhouse
21. Crumbling of the Monuments, The
22. House in the Dreary Hills
23. Yeah
24. Song Made Whilst Awaiting a Summer Thunderstorm Which Never Arri
25. Ask Anybody Around There
26. Sun Slants Strangely, The
27. Cloud-Introduction, The
28. Cloud, The
29. Dynamistograph, The
30. Miracle
31. Text on the Cover of Nandor Fodor's Encyclopedia of Psychic Scie
32. They Don't Make 'Em Like They Used To
33. Bear
34. Modest Listing of Some Hauntetd Places
35. Hounds, The
36. It Has No Name
37. October 22 1910, Paris
38. Another Unusual Cloud
39. Yet Another Unusual Cloud
40. Treatise on the Natural History of the Animal Life of the Missis
41. Cruncher in Semi-Darkness, The
42. Notebook Found in Deserted Hotel
43. Splishing
44. Persecuting Engine, The
45. Lo, The Colour
46. Limerick Composed in a Dream
47. Thing on the Roof, The
48. November 18 1911, Paris
49. Kaziah's Pet
50. Shunned Country Theme, The
51. Your Visit to the Shunned Country
52. Shunned Country Coda-or-a Bit of Last Minute Advice, The