Purple Mountains [LP]

Purple Mountains [LP]

Artist: Purple Mountains

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Format: Vinyl
Genre: Rock/Pop
Released: 07/12/2019
UPC: 781484068013


1. Thatís Just The Way That I Feel
2. All My Happiness Is Gone
3. Darkness and Cold
4. Snow Is Falling In Manhattan
5. Drinking Margaritas At the Mall
6. Sheís Making Friends, Iím Turning Stranger
7. I Loved Being My Motherís Son
8. Nights That Wonít Happen
9. Storyline Fever
10. Maybe Iím the Only One For Me

More Info:

After a decade in the wilderness, David Berman has returned to record-making - this time around as Purple Mountains, leaving his iconic Silver Jews brand to history. Fortunately for all the fans, he's retained his iconic songwriting style, with a new batch of tunes conveying an astonishing variety of 21st-century mid-life crises. Featuring full-on technicolor production intervention from Woods' Jarvis Taveniere and Jeremy Earle, Purple Mountains debut stands tall among Berman's classic albums, with knee-slappers and eye-wipers alike - ten new tracks ready to go into suffering jukeboxes across the land.