So Much Staying Alive And Lovelessness

So Much Staying Alive And Lovelessness

Artist: Joan Of Arc

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Format: CD
Catalog: 1081
Genre: Rock & Pop
Released: 02/04/2003
UPC: 792258108125

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1. On a Bedsheet in the Breeze on the Roof
2. Infinite Blessed Yes, The
3. Perfect Need and Perfect Completion
4. Olivia Lost
5. Diane Cool and Beautiful
6. Participation Billy
7. Mean to March
8. Hello Goodnight Good Morning Goodbye
9. Dead Together
10. Madelleine Laughing
11. Staying Alive and Loveless

More Info:

Tim Kinsella, JOAN OF ARCS lead man, has amassed a collection of songs culled from a variety of sources sketches begun on his computer at home and collaborations with kindred spirits from coast to coast and given them life. Further gussied up with help from a plethora of fellow Chicago luminaries, this is a career culmination of JOAN OF ARCS musical meanderings and genius in a concise, focused, and mature realization. [Note: This product is an authorized CD-R and is manufactured on demand]


Tim Kinsella seems to thrive on dichotomy and chaos. In his music he mergesindie melodicism with noisy jazz pop eclecticism and improvisational techniquewith painstaking studio assemblage, resulting in a successful clash of electrictone and acoustic texture. In his career, Kinsella promotes a kind of benigncontention that causes constant creative turmoil in his various bands (Cap'nJazz, Joan of Arc, Owls). JOA has seemed to be a particular magnet for thisapproach, as the band has quivered on the edge of dissolution since its inception.As usual, Kinsella defies prediction and returns with a new JOA album, whicheven breaks Kinsella's own pattern. So Much Staying Alive and Lovelessnessbegan as a tangled mass of songs on Kinsella's computer and wound upbeing the first JOA album to be played and recorded live, leaving behind theintricacy of Kinsella's hyperdetailed production.

Of course, even considering Lovelessness a strict Joan of Arc album isa slight stretch, since the band shifts from JOA II to variations on the Friend/Enemyoutfit to the Sam Zurick Band, all under Kinsella's delicately fractureddirection. Whatever the configuration, Kinsella's gorgeous and challengingjazz/math rock intersection and tremulous Ray Davies-esque vocals are the unifyingelements for band and material. Lovelessness retains the best aspectsof JOA's avant garde catalog while adding the vibrancy of live recordingfor perhaps the finest JOA album to date. Just don't look for it to happenthis way again.