No Time Like The Present [LP]

No Time Like The Present [LP]

Artist: Louden Swain

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Format: Vinyl
Genre: Rock & Pop
Released: 12/15/2017
UPC: 803713201715

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No Time Like The Present [LP] Vinyl - LP
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1. Present Time
2. Change The Locks
3. Amazing
4. Taxi Driver
5. Over Before It Began
6. Leg Up
7. Roll Me Over
8. Fair
9. This Is How
10. Night Light
11. Juliet
12. Numb

More Info:

Over the course of nearly two decades, the world-class D.I.Y. rock quartet known as Louden Swain has quietly built a powerful body of recordings, earning a fervent grass-roots fan base and an impressive backlog of critical acclaim. The resourceful Los Angeles combo has released a series of impressively accomplished albums, toured successfully throughout North America and Europe, and emerged as a popular YouTube sensation—all without the support of a mainstream record label. The upbeat energy and irresistible melodic sensibility that have already endeared Louden Swain to their loyal fans are all over the band's seventh album, No Time Like The Present. The sterling set offers 12 powerful examples of the band's dynamic song-craft, from such infectious, lyrically evocative tunes as "Leg Up," "Juliet," "Change The Locks,” and "This Is How,” to more intimate acoustic numbers like "Numb" and "Over Before It Began."