Awaken, My Love!

Awaken, My Love!

Artist: Childish Gambino

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Format: CD
Genre: Rap/HipHop
Released: 12/02/2016
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1. Me And Your Mama
2. Have Some Love
3. Boogieman
4. Zombies
5. Riot
6. Redbone
7. California
8. Terrified
9. Baby Boy
10. The Night Me And Your Mama Met
11. Stand Tall

More Info:

As Childish Gambino once again sheds his skin, “Awaken My Love!” is a sonic evolution. It has been described as “R&B meets Pink Floyd,” by one journalist while others have cited an amalgam of rock, funk, and soul influences. It is a groundbreaking next step following the genre blending STN MTN / Kauai mixtape and the twice-Grammy nominated rap album, because the internet.


Breaking the mold and creating fully-formed, alternate worlds is a trademark of this creator, who presented “Awaken My Love!” first at his PHAROS festival in Joshua Tree, CA last September. To attend, fans utilized the scalper-proof PHAROS app which served as a “compass” that guided guests and communicated the ethos of both the event and the new music as “a gathering of the 5 intuitives of the human experience: tribe, ritual, experience abstraction, architecture, language.”