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Format: CD
Catalog: 4
Genre: Rock/Pop
Released: 10/25/2011
UPC: 824820123721


1. Ballad Of The Rue De La Lune
2. Sympathy For Mata Hari
3. Chamber Of Desire
4. Administrator Blues
5. Tango Fatale
6. Budapest
7. Secret Rende-Vous
8. Garden Of The Medicis
9. Lady From Shanghai
10. Gentleman In Black
11. Phantôme Demoiselle
12. Conjuration Of Masques

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Tav Falco's historico-musico revue, Panther Burns, originated in 1979 at the nadir of Memphis' postmodern, post-Beale, post-Sun, post-Stax era, when the Mississippi River town had seemingly disappeared from the cultural map and shriveled into an obsolescent landmark. The newest release, CONJURATIONS: Seance for Deranged Lovers -- just recorded in a secret studio in Saint-Germaindes- Pres on Paris' left bank -- is the definitive masterpiece of the Panther Burns. Refining the themes explored by the group over their career: unrequited love, betrayal, and lost causes, the new record is composed of all original songs. CONJURATIONS consummates Falco's vision with a particularly poetic, yet turbulent thrust. His exceptional voice, described by one journalist as sounding like Marlene Dietrich under torture, evokes the phenomenal fires of the Panther Burns and is supported by a line-up of players devoted to the band over the past decade: Giovanna Pizzorno -- drums; Gregoire Cat -- guitar; and Laurent Lanouziere -- bass.