Mystify: Michael Hutchence [Blu-ray]

Mystify: Michael Hutchence [Blu-ray]

Artist: Michael Hutchence

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Format: Blu-Ray
Released: 03/31/2020
UPC: 826663207675

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Michael Hutchence was one of rock's most dynamic and charismatic frontmen who captivated the world as the lead singer of INXS. But underneath it all he was a poetic, multifaceted and intensely sensitive man who struggled with the idea of success and the creative limits of pop. Crafted from an extraordinary archive of rich imagery and never-before-seen footage, this fascinating documentary from director Richard Lowenstein offers a powerfully intimate and insightful portrait of the legendary singer's all-too-brief life and the undying legacy that emerged. A powerfully intimate and electric journey into the frontman of what was once the biggest band in the world, Mystify: Michael Hutchence reveals a singular talent's dance with both the bright light and deep darkness within.