Heartworn Highways [Remastered Soundtrack]

Heartworn Highways [Remastered Soundtrack]

Artist: Heartworn Highways

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Format: CD
Label: Hacktone Records
Catalog: 37457
Genre: Rock & Pop
Released: 03/14/2006
UPC: 826663745726

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Heartworn Highways [Remastered Soundtrack] CD - Remastered Soundtrack
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Heartworn Highways [Remastered Soundtrack]
Heartworn Highways [Remastered Soundtrack]

Artist: Heartworn Highways
1. L.A. Freeway - Guy Clark
2. "...That's a Lightnin' Lick..." - Various Artists
3. Ohoopee River Bottomland - Larry Jon Wilson
4. That Old Time Feeling - Guy Clark
5. "...People Condemn Whiskey..." - Various Artists
6. Waitin' Round to Die - Townes Van Zandt
7. I Still Sing the Old Songs - David Allan Coe
8. Intro - Various Artists
9. Desperadoes Waiting for a Train - Guy Clark
10. Bluebird Wine - Guy Clark/Rodney Crowell/Steve Earle/Steve Young
11. Alabama Highway - Jim McGuire/Guy Clark/Steve Young
12. Intro - Various Artists
13. Pancho and Lefty - Townes Van Zandt
14. Texas Cookin' - Guy Clark
15. Charlie's Place (Gamble's Story) - Gamble Rogers
16. Black Label Blues, The - Gamble Rogers
17. "...These Guards All Drive Cadillacs! " - Various Artists
18. River - David Allan Coe
19. One for the One - John Hiatt
20. Darlin' Commit Me - Jim McGuire/John Hiatt/Steve Earle
21. Ballad of Laverne and Captain Flint - Jim McGuire/Guy Clark/Stev
22. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry - Susannah Clark/Jim McGuire/Billy C
23. Mercenary Song - Susannah Clark/Jim McGuire/Billy Callery/Guy Cl
24. "...Would You Do Elijah's Church?" - Susannah Clark/Jim McGuire/
25. Elijah's Church - Susannah Clark/Jim McGuire/Billy Callery/Guy C
26. Silent Night - Susannah Clark/Jim McGuire/Billy Callery/Guy Clar



More Info:

'Heartworn Highways' is your seat at that dinner table, listening in as these troubadours pour earnest confessions through strings and voice. In particular, Guy Clark's naked performances dominate the collection, his plaintive heartache searing through 'LA Freeway' and landing right in your lap on the classic 'Desperadoes Waiting for a Train,' in a stripped-bare version that drills straight to the well of tears at the song's core. Equally moving is the bleak, dusty balladry of Townes Van Zandt on 'Waiting Around To Die,' performed in his wood-paneled kitchen for an audience of two his girlfriend and his blacksmith neighbor. 'It's the first song I ever wrote, by the way,' Van Zandt explains before launching into the haunting tune, which eventually leads his neighbor to tears. Featuring the very first recordings of Steve Earle, John Hiatt, and Rodney Crowell, and stirring whiskey-soaked performances by Clark, Van Zandt, Steve Young, David Allan Coe, and others, 'Heartworn Highways' raises the spirit of true roots music, representing a slice of Americana musical history and a generous tip of the ol' cowboy hat to its pioneers.