Mazy Fly [Blue LP]

Mazy Fly [Blue LP]


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Format: Vinyl
Genre: R&B / Soul
Released: 02/22/2019
UPC: 843563110126

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1. Red
2. Haunted Water
3. Hard to Please
4. Golden Numbers
5. Melted Wings
6. Under the Sun
7. Real Fun
8. Hard to Please (Reprise)
9. After Life
10. Dirty Desert Dreams
11. Mazy Fly
12. Falling Asleep

More Info:

Mazy Fly, the second full-length by the Bay Area artist SPELLLING, explores the tension between the thrill of exploring the unknown and the terror of imminent destruction. Chrystia Cabral spent the summer of 2018 in her Berkeley studio reflecting on the thresholds of human progress and longing for a new and better tomorrow. She was struck by the way the same technologies that have given humans the ability to achieve utopian dreams of discovery have also brought the world to the precipice of dystopic global devastation. Despite the darkness of this reality, Mazy Fly is defiantly optimistic. It is a celestial voyage into the unknown, piloted by Cabral. Mazy Fly musically traverses the spaces between languid, honey-soaked vocals and distant angelic whispers, from thumping 808 club beats to crunching tape loops, and from silky, smooth R&B to whirling organ sonatas. Cabral became enamored by the idea of flight as a harbinger of both progress and apocalypse, and that was expressed in the textures and compositional techniques she utilized. Swarms, flocks, flies, angels, spaceships, flying saucers - all are represented sonically by Cabral and her Juno-106 synthesizer.