Change Of State

Change Of State

Artist: Novella

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Format: CD
Genre: Rock/Pop
Released: 02/17/2017
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Change Of State
Change Of State

Artist: Novella
1. The Island Knows
2. Change of State
3. Desert
4. Elements
5. A Thousand Feet
6. Thun
7. Come In
8. Four Colours
9. Side By Side
10. Seize the Sun

More Info:

On UK quartet Novella's sophomore album Change of State, the plasticity behind the meaning of the title was no fortuitous afterthought. Rather, it is very idea on which the album was built. Following the band's debut, Land, released in 2015, the band has toured, traveling from one country to the next, and they have watched their home country of Britain change dramatically in social and political terms. Over the course of ten tracks, Novella take the time and space necessary to let the physical and ideological implications behind a changing state run rampant through themes that linger as much in topical discussion as they do in perennial reflections of human experience. Recorded over the period of a few months in the Victorian bedroom studio of James Hoare (Ultimate Painting, Veronica Falls) on an old 1960's 8-track, Novella utilize an economy of sound on Change of State to create ethereal swathes of textures, gentle melodies and energetic, motorik bursts. Change of State may be product of its time, but the music is, more than anything, timeless.