Hackers (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [2 CD]

Hackers (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [2 CD]

Artist: Various Artists

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Format: CD
Released: 06/19/2020
UPC: 888072158856


1. Halcyon and On and On Performed by Orbital (9:29)
2. Open Up Performed by Leftfield (6:52)
3. Cowgirl Performed by Underworld (8:55)
4. Voodoo People Performed by Prodigy (4:05)
5. Connected Performed by Stereo MC's (4:00)
6. One Love Performed by The Prodigy (3:52)
7. Original Bedroom Rockers Performed by Kruder & Dorfmeister (6:06)
8. Good Grief Performed by Urban Dance Squad (4:29)
9. Heaven Knows Performed by Squeeze (4:35)


1. Protection Performed by Massive Attack (7:45)
2. One Combination Performed by Guy Pratt (1:50)
3. Grand Central Station Performed by Guy Pratt, featuring David Gilmour (3:06)
4. Hackers Suite Performed by Simon Boswell (6:13)
5. Diskette Performed by Simon Boswell (04
6. City of Data Performed by Simon Boswell (06)
7. Ellingson HQ Performed by Simon Boswell (2:35)
8. Cereal's Speech Performed by Simon Boswell (00)
9. Kernel Performed by Simon Boswell (16)
10. Date Night Performed by Simon Boswell (14)

More Info:

The definitive soundtrack featuring tracks from the film that were not included on the original 1995 release, including “Protection” by Massive Attack and "Open Up" by Leftfield. The 2CD set also includes 9 unreleased score tracks highlighted by, “Grand Central Station” featuring David Gilmore. The release celebrates the 25th anniversary of the film and includes new notes from Director/Producer, Iain Softley and unreleased photos of the cast (Angelina Jolie, Jonny Lee Miller etc).