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Son Lux


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Son Lux, founded by New York's Ryan Lott, began as a solo exploration of the jagged, icy line between the strange and the familiar, in which sonic structures supplant the conventions of pop form. Over the last eight years, though, the name has taken on myriad meanings, just as the work has subsumed sounds and collaborators. Now, Son Lux is a band. A trio, to be exact; one that has meticulously woven together dizzying percussion, fraying guitar, symphonic bluster, and haunting vocals into a quaking and vivid post-pop (post-everything) burst called Bones. The fourth Son Lux LP combines all of the architectural precision and aural inventiveness we've come to expect, with more immediacy and melody than ever. That's all to do with the crew.
Son Lux - Bones
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Giorgio Moroder

Deja Vu

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Giorgio Moroder, the founder of disco and electronic music trailblazer is releasing his first solo album in over 30 years! The music icon made his mark as an influential Italian producer, songwriter, performer and DJ. At 74 years-old, Moroder still has his hands in the center of EDM culture, swinging back into the spotlight as a guest collaborator on the GRAMMY Award-winning Daft Punk album Random Access Memories ("Album Of the Year"), remixing Lady Gaga's and Tony Bennett's "I Can't Give You Anything but Love," Coldplay's "Magic," along with remixes for Donna Summer, Haim and his Scarface motion picture soundtrack.
Giorgio Moroder - Deja Vu
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Hudson Mohawke



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This summer Hudson Mohawke will release Lantern, his first solo full length in nearly six years. The producer has been on a meteoric rise, working with some of the biggest names in hip hop, pop and dance music. From age 15 he was an award winning scratch DJ producing happy hardcore on cracked software - he came to define a generation of electronic fusion producers but unlike many of his peers, Hudson has matured into a fully fledged contemporary hitmaker continually working to break the mold. Born of the underground club scene in the UK, ‘Hud Mo’ has been cultivating a formidable presence in the community, right from the earliest days producing on Fruityloops from his bedroom.
Hudson Mohawke - Lantern
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Jamie xx will release his debut album In Colour on June 2, 2015 on Young Turks. The eleven track LP includes previous releases “Girl” and “Sleep Sound” as well as forthcoming single “Loud Places,” which features vocals from Romy Madley Croft. The release of In Colour comes on the back of an incredible six year creative period for Jamie xx, which has seen him alternate effortlessly between his role as founding member and producer of The xx, and creator of more electronic and club orientated music as Jamie xx.
Jamie xx - In Colour
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Morgan Page

DC to Light

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GRAMMY-nominated Producer/Artist Morgan Page is ubiquitous within the dance music scene - his latest album, DC to Light, is set for release on June 9, 2015. The record features numerous guest appearances, including tracks with Angela McCluskey and frequent-collaborator Lissie, the starlet who worked with Page on 2008’s GRAMMY-nominated “The Longest Road.” Over the years, Page has performed landmark sets at festivals across the world, including the Coachella Arts & Music Festival, Electric Daisy Carnival, Electric Zoo, and Ultra Music Festival.
Morgan Page - DC to Light
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Blue Hawaii, Arbutus Records and many of their Montreal counterparts all began with the same breath in early 2010. To date Blue Hawaii has released an 8 song EP: in May of that year, Blooming Summer (Arbutus Records 2010) was recorded following the pair's travels in Central America. It frames a time of warmth and novelty, featuring dense female harmonies, tape saturated synths, guitars and drum machines. Eventually Ra returned to her role in BRAIDS, touring constantly, while Ag moved to Europe, treading deeper into dance music, electronics, and production.
Blue Hawaii - Untogether
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2013 release from the Indie trio. To create the sounds that became Homosapien, PVT set themselves up inside a cavernous, 120-year-old mansion, with the recording overseen by young engineer Ivan Vizintin, and then mixed in London by Ben Hillier (Depeche Mode, Blur). This is the first release that's placed Richard Pike front and center as a bona fide frontman. The change gives the band a focal point that allows Homosapien to be more open, more intimate and yet also more direct than it's predecessors. This is the document of a band as close as ever to defining 'their sound': A seamless collage of instruments, electronics, old keyboards, machines, and Pike's voice.
Pvt - Homosapien
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House of Woo is the 2013 album from Maxmillion Dunbar, rogue house producer and one half of DC dance captains Beautiful Swimmers. House of Woo is a pure blast of bliss that works on a Funktion One just as well as it does a blown set of speakers at a house party gone woozy with punch drunk love.
Maxmillion Dunbar - House of Woo
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Karl Bartos

Off the Record


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Well-known as one-quarter of the classic Kraftwerk line-up, Karl Bartos' new album is an audio-visual sensation. Lost for many years, some of his early music has been re-conceived and re-contextualized in a thrilling modern setting. Here's the story: during Kraftwerk's heyday, Karl Bartos wrote - off the record a secret acoustic diary. Based on his musical jottings (rhythms, riffs, hooks, sounds, chords, and melodies) this is what he has come up with today - 12 brand-new, exciting, timeless songs.
Karl Bartos - Off the Record
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2013 album from one of the most talented artists of the French Electro scene. Kavinsky has played everywhere, opening for Daft Punk on their last worldwide tour. Kavinsky is also a Comics character, immediately recognizable with his Teddy Jacket, jeans, sneakers, sunglasses and his cigarette. The brilliant album Outrun is produced by rising French DJ/producer Sebastian and Guy Manuel de Homem-Christo of Daft Punk. Kavinsky's single 'Night call' was featured in the opening credits of the film Drive, and became a big hit internationally soon after, with sales/downloads over 28 million to date.
Kavinsky - Outrun
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MP3 Album: $9.99 Download

Titled Exai the album is Rob Brown and Sean Booth's 11th full length album, and follows 2010's Oversteps and 2011's 47 track collection EPs 1991-2002. With a running time of 2 hours and 32 seconds, Exai will be available on 2 CDs, 4 pieces of vinyl and digitally.
Autechre - Exai

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